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Help and FAQs: Text Reminders and Settings

How do I verify my mobile phone number?

To verify your number:

  1. Make sure you have saved your correct mobile number with us.
    To check or change this, go to your “Edit Profile” page.

    To get to the “Edit Profile” section, first click on the “My Profile” link on top of the page. On the successive page, click on the “Edit Profile” link on the left hand side of the page.

  2. Once you have entered and saved a correct mobile number with us, send the following text message from the registered mobile number to 84142:


  3. On receiving this message, we will send you a verification code to your mobile number.
  4. You will then need to go to your “Edit Profile” page and enter the number in the box.
  5. Click on the “Verify” button next to the text box. If the code matches, your cell phone will be verified and you will be able to receive text messages from us.
How can I enable the text message features?

To enable the text message features, you will need to verify your mobile phone.
If you do not know how you can verify your mobile phone, click here.

How much will I be charged for this service?

After verification of your mobile number, all messages sent to you will be charged at premium rates. More details about this are available in our Terms and Conditions.

What type of messages will be sent to me?

You can choose the type of messages you wish to receive on your mobile number. We can send you a text message on the following occasions (if chosen by you):

  • When someone sends you a pencil request.
  • When a company views your profile on I’m in TV.
  • When someone leaves you a recommendation.
  • When one of your contacts on I’m in TV updates their gallery.
  • When you receive a message in your Inbox.
If you choose to be reminded of an upcoming event.
(Reminders are sent 24 hours before the event is set to occur)
Can I restrict the number of messages sent to me in a week?

Yes you can.
You can set a maximum limit of money that you wish to spend on messages per week. Once this limit is reached, we will not send you any further messages that week.

The count will be refreshed every Sunday night 11:59 P.M. GMT and there will be no carry forward incase you have some balance amount left.

I want to completely stop this service. How do I do that?

To disable any further text notifications from us, send the following text message to 84142:


After this, you can go to your "Edit Profile" page and remove your cell phone number from your profile.

Note however, that once you have stopped text messages using either of the methods listed above, you will need to re-verify your mobile number if you choose to start using this service again.

What countries / regions are supported?

As of now, we support sending and receiving messages from U.K. mobile phone numbers only.

The mobile phone numbers should begin with: 447