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Help and FAQs: The I Am and Profile Section (Individuals)

What is the I Am section?

The I Am section on I’m in TV is like an online resume where you can add lots of details about yourself.

This section of the website has been tailor made for TV professionals and besides the general sections which go in a resume, members will be able to add their credit and employment histories, industrial qualifications, technical equipment expertise, permits, languages, etc.

A big benefit of having all this information populated is that all the information is searchable on the website. Hence, the more detailed information you fill, the more will be the chances of a potential employer finding you.

Why are there 3 places to add my job positions (Primary, Secondary and Other)?

We give our members an opportunity to add all the possible job positions to which they can be offered work.

The primary job position is just that – your primary position. The one position you are completely adept in.

The secondary job positions allow you to add all positions which you are skilled at and have worked in the past.
For e.g. You may be an editor – but have worked as a production manager and an assistant director in the past. If so, this is the place to put it in.

The other job positions are positions which are not covered on the website. There is a text field in which you can type the positions out. These are searchable.

What images can I upload as my avatar?

Avatars should be images one of the following file formats: jpg, gif or png.

Avatars can be anything – but they should definitely NOT contain any of the following.

  • Copyrighted Cartoons
  • Celebrities
  • Artwork
  • Nudity
  • Other Copyrighted Content
Users violating this rule will have their account permanently deactivated.
Why do you need to have my cell phone number?

Your cell phone number is required to send you Text SMS Alerts and other important reminders (This service is chargeable). If you are not interested in receiving text alerts from I’m in TV, you can skip entering your cell phone number.

This service is available only in the United Kingdom at present.

What is the cell phone verification process and why is it needed?

The cell phone verification process confirms that a particular cell number you entered in the edit profile section actually belongs to you.

To learn about how you can verify your cell phone, click here.

How can I unsubscribe from receiving any further text alerts?

To unsubscribe from receiving any further text alerts, do the following:

  1. Go to your edit profile page.
  2. Clear your cell phone number and save the settings.
  3. Send a text message containing with the word: STOP to 84142
What type of documents can I upload in my profile?

You can upload documents in the following format: doc, txt, pdf, odf and html.

The documents section has been created so that members can share their downloadable resumes, letters, referees etc. with other members visiting their profile.

These documents are not searchable.

What information can individuals add to my profile on I'm in TV?

You can add the following information to your profile:

  • Summary
  • Credits and Employment History
  • Industry Qualifications
  • Education
  • Technical Equipment Expertise
  • Other Skills / Additional Information
  • Places that you can work in
  • Referees
  • Languages you speak
  • Your permits
  • Documents