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Help and FAQs: The I Am and Profile Section (Companies)

What different types of companies are there on I'm in TV?

Companies on I'm in TV are the ones related to the television industry.

Companies on I’m in TV offer either employment (job opportunities), services (production houses, cameras for hire, etc) or sometimes - both.

Are company memberships free or are they charged?

The basic standard membership for companies is completely free.

However, I’m in TV also offers premium subscriptions which offer a plethora of features.
Contact us at: admin [at] imin-tv.com for more information about this.

What all information can a company add to their profile?

Companies can add the following information to their profile:

  • Summary
  • Credits
  • Additional Information
  • Office Locations
  • Documents
How are companies contacted in case another member or company wants to contact them?

While registering for an account, the company administrator or contact has to give his or her email address as the default contact email address for the company on I’m in TV.

Companies are sent emails to this address notifying them of any reminders, etc.

Text messages are sent to the cell phone entered by company contact while creating the account.