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Welcome to Imin-TV.com the FREE social networking site for people working in the Film and TV industry.

“I’m In” was born out of frustration. The kind of frustration that leads to a co-ordinator having to make fifty phone calls to find an available editor. Or the kind of frustration that means you lost touch with that really great AP because their phone number has changed. With a little help from our members all the frustrating part of trying to keep in touch with friends and colleagues in the industry should come to an end. The “I’m In” social networking site is designed to remain private whilst showing off how great you are! Your CV and show reel can be made available to a multitude of members browsing, which in itself is pretty helpful. Couple that with a diary service (managed by you), and a pencil booking alert service that includes email and text (if you choose to subscribe) it could not be easier to let friends and employers know you are out there ready and willing.

Did I mention that all this is FREE to all individual members, and companies can register and browse with no restrictions. The sites that insist on charging or restricting access to more experienced individuals are unrealistic. Our aim is to provide a simple service that allows as many people access to the TV industry. If you are looking to stay contact with friends or pitch yourself to companies for work the I’m In social networking site is the place for you. There is no catch.

All you have to do now is upload your email address book, and invite everyone you know who works in TV to join too!

I hope you enjoy the site, and make the most of having a base to showcase your talent, and keep in touch with your friends in TV…

Jonathan Skilton
Founder Member I’m In –TV
Company Director – Insight Productions Ltd

Jonathan Skilton
Jonathan Skilton has been a freelance film editor for nearly twenty years.
Despite that Jonathan still feels privileged to be part of the TV industry, and loves the opportunity to meet new people and learn about new and exciting topics. Jonathan wanted to build a website to showcase his achievements, and let anyone looking know when he was available if they were interested in booking his time.

The idea came to build this social networking site where all his friends could do the same, which turned into the entire world!!! – a one stop shop for talent.
For those of you wondering – yes I am still available for work! I have to pay for all this somehow!!!